Doing business 4 good

business and sales 4 God

business and sales 4 God


This passage was taken from “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren.

Many of you who know me, know that earlier this year I took a leave of absence from “Life As Usual” to spend more time with the Lord by way of missionary work. I traveled to Rwanda for 2 weeks to build preschools for the poor who didn’t have access to a simple education that would give them a chance to alleviate poverty.

It was nothing short of an amazing, life-changing experience.

After returning from Rwanda, I made a 2 major realizations:

  1. Rwanda and so many other poor nations need our teamwork in order to escape poverty, illness, and oppression.
  2. Missionary work is not for me.

The 2nd point bothered me for quite some time. Although it was a fulfilling opportunity to serve, it didn’t speak to me for some reason. And I was starting to feel horrible – like, how could I not make this my calling?

Then I read this…and just in the nick of time…

You can do anything for God’s glory – it doesn’t have to be what people assume to be the only church work available i.e. feed the poor, go on mission trips, volunteer at service, etc. ANYTHING can be done to build the kingdom, even doing business and making deals. In fact, business is an arena that is much-needed and heavily under-represented.

Many business people make money to serve themselves – and I was and still am guilty of this at times – but I have a new way to look at how I conduct my work. I can always thank God for my plethora of opportunities to provide for myself, my family, and my church – my family and church being my most important ministries; I can give God the 1st of my earnings that belong to Him; and also – I can make money in order to invest in projects that build the kingdom here on Earth.

Since then, I’ve been happier, more encouraged, my work has never had more meaning, and I have made major investments down this avenue (and it will continue to grow). Earlier this year, my money was able to adopt orphans and empty out orphanages in Rwanda, provide relief for the tsunami that affected the Philippines, facilitate medical care to poor countries, sent 2 wonderful people on a long-term mission trip to Rwanda, helped teachers educate poor nations on how to manage money, donated to my church and their ministries to reach more people. & the list goes on.

I’m not trying to pat myself in the back – everything I’ve been able to do has been because of God – but I’m trying to reframe how most of us think about “serving the Lord” and share what’s possible.

Think about what you enjoy and what you spend most of your time doing. How can you use that for purpose and impact?